Thursday, August 25, 2011

Reading&Video Response

It was interesting to watch these videos based on education comparatively with all I researched this summer up in Chicago. I started to kind of question what I found throughout the summer, but we'll see where this goes. To me, I think education is vital. Kids are going to need to learn how to be even more technology witty than they are today. It's funny, some of us were looking at our "klout" score, and considering how much we think we're involved on the internet...we really aren't....I have a disappointing score of 17 (pathetic, right?). Although, connecting this with the reading of the Web 2.0 is interesting, because it states some interesting facts about the speed, and efficiency of the internet. Is it going to help us get jobs faster? Will it even help us get jobs at all? I like to think, yes. At least if we take advantage of what is out there for us. Being diverse in media is beginning to become a demand, rather than a choice. They referenced Malcolm Gladwell once, and I wish they would have referenced him more for some of his other writings. Although, the point he makes is powerful, and so true. The internet, or should I be saying Web 2.0? Anyway, the internet is a marketing tool for anyone and everyone, it just depends on how many people that reaches in the right amount of time. Being "plugged in" can most likely be a good thing, but it can have it's negatives. Say you are apart of a business that doesn't offer something your target customer wants...the word will spread like wild fire no matter how many other great products you have available. People have a opinions, and they sure do love to share them...and why not share them where you don't actually have to say them out loud.
This brings up another point we talked about in class on Monday. Having social skills and knowing how to act in certain situations is something that needs to be addressed more. One thing that I'm personally scared of happening is that people won't experience things anymore. And if they are out experiencing, they're probably distracted by tweeting about it, or texting their boy/girlfriend about it. This brings me back to a point of basic needs that human strives for. Connecting with someone is one of the most powerful things that I think people can do. The question is though: Is connecting with someone in a physical space better than connecting with them in a virtual space? I recently have been going through this a bit, and my personal opinion is physical all the way, I think you just get way more positive feelings out of it. But, is the physical connection dying? Will people be okay with that instant connection they get with a tweet from someone they admire or know?
Considering technology in parallel with Howard Gardner's Seven Types of Intelligence rises a lot of questions in my own mind. All seven types seem very specific, and the thing that strikes one of my questions is that none of these types have anything to do with computers...I'm not sure if it's necessary to even point that out, but if someone is theorizing what different types of intelligences are out there, wouldn't you think they would consider what time of technology is available to all them. I think that is where this could get interesting. Thinking about how each of these types interacts with technology and possibly then how they interact with each other.

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  1. I want to hear more about your experience this summer. Seems like there is some crossover research occurring, which is great.