Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reading Response: Satirical Graphic Design

It's really interesting to see how fair back in history satirical commentary of social issues goes. Seeing graphics from the French Revolution for some reason really set with me. I remember back in one Jamie's Visual Language class we went through how posters through history were very coded with symbols and clues to what the poster really meant to the people. I mean comparing those times to now it's not hard to believe that the people had a hard time trying to show and express their opinions to a wide audience. I think  now it's much more accepting to be more in your face about social issues, because people's tolerances have raised quite a bit. I went to the Russian WWI Poster exhibition this summer at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago Museum and it was filled with satirical messages and caricatures dealing with Hitler.

 This exhibit was interesting because seeing how the people viewed the issues that were going on was refreshing.
I really enjoyed this poster because of all the different "utensils" that are used to attach the creepy hitler man. Artists, journalists, the Army etc.. It shows a since of community coming together for a cause. In which relating to the readings that were given they all had something to do with a ban of people coming together to fight for a cause they believed in. It's quite inspirational to see this happen. I really enjoyed the reading about the BPP and the newspaper and posters that were made for the cause. Seeing the symbols embedded and the relationship it made with each other was very deep and emotional. To connect and relate is very important.

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