Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Type 3: Tender Buttons Layout and binding ideas.

For the Tender Buttons book assignment I was really excited to explore different binding techniques, but wasn't sure, how "far out" I could go, but here I go.

For the format I would like each spread be able to be the the most of 8.5"x11" just because of cost and how much I enjoy a smaller, more intimate piece rather than something that would hurt your harms to hold it out and read. I think I'm going in more of the idea of a traditional format with it being slimmer going vertically, rather than horizontally, and rather than it being a square. I've found some nice paper from the art store, it's reeves, and I was thinking of tearing the pages out, rather than precisely cutting each page, not just because it comes in large pieces, but also for the aesthetic that it comes with. I remember buying books when I was younger and how much I liked the books that had all the pages being different sizes. The were mostly for diary related books, so all of these poems from Gertrud Stein took me to that "diary" feeling with her poems.

I've discovered different binding techniques from researching and here are a few that I'm considering, although after going over them in class it may change.

1. A hard back with a hard back box inside that the poems are contained in. Similar to a Tarot card box...not that it has any association with the poems, but it's similar to putting thoughts and such in a box. I'd bind the paper back book inside either with perfect bind, or a bind similar to a moleskin.

2. A bind that has two hard back boards, but no hard spine, so that the fabric that is glued to the boards hold's the pages together.

3. Envelops. with either way of binding above I thought it would be interesting for the inside of the book to have a twist. I'm thinking about the idea of having 13 different envelops with each spread inside for the reader to discover. This then would change the layout of my book, but only to the envelop form, and it would still be 8.5"x11", just the cover size would change.

Some other cool ideas I was inspired by. 

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