Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Semester Topic Choice

Through out brainstorming and thinking about what I'd like to concentrate for the semeseter in N.A. I was wanting to go two different ways. Either an informational way of seeing how women in the Middle East are decorating their own burkas, and how some younger women are completely designing their own with custom colors and different patterns. Another way is to build on the workshop that I did earlier this year in the Spring semester Frankie, from Liquid 9. I decided to make up my own company that made textiles. Due to additional information, I feel that the textile company would be a more accessible idea, rather than over stepping my boundaries with dealing with the way women dress in the middle east, even though it is a very interesting topic to me.

So, moving on to my brand-based narrative.

I will be making up my own design firm/company that either has their own textiles, or that makes items out of their textile line.

I'm really in love with this company: Bokja Design

They are obviously a fun high end type of company, and I am really attracted to something like that. Although, I thought it'd be nice to have something that the average person could enjoy, due to me being that average person but still looking high end. So essentially, I have to ask myself what type of audience do I want to attract? Who am I competing with? What is my story? And, what exactly do we make?

After interning at Porter teleo this summer, and then also continuing my internship with them, I think will help me a lot in how I can see how an actual high end company is ran, and what sort of image they are portraying to their audience. I need to find something different about what I'm going to do, and make it special.

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