Sunday, August 29, 2010

F+S 01

For my first find, I found this Andrew Bird poster by: Paper Music, found on Poster Cabaret.
Personification is used by having the heard in the United States, and therefore it's adding a human quality to an "inanimate" object. ( I was kind of confused to reference the United States as an inanimate object, but for this I felt it was appropriate).

for the next one: An art print by Invisible Creature.
I thought of this one as being hyperbole, because after reading all sorts of different definitions given, I read that finally it was an exaggeration. So there for in this print the bike is being splattered all over, saying that it's been ridden A LOT. Enough for it to fall apart, so an exaggeration.

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  1. Nice finds. Yes, you've correctly identified personification. The second poster is not hyperbole. I understand your argument but the splatter motif does not sufficiently represent the concept of wear and tear.