Sunday, February 5, 2012

SX: Formal explorations

After going through Joseph and I's original idea of shadow and light, and the attractive-ness of light is to people, we came upon the idea of "community" So our monument turned into a monument dedicated to the idea of bringing unexpected people together. So, a monument to Community. Above are some ideas for our final monument formal qualities. Joseph will post his sketches to his blog, here.

The idea of our monument is to show the of community through light. So on our small elevated hill the light would react to the visitor, then another visitor, then another...hopefully the idea would then show that the more we get together, the brighter things will be.

My personal favorite is the last idea, it's just the sleekest, and simple...Doesn't take away from the idea. It gets the meaning across. The idea of light, and then also protection for the wind, or other weather obstacles.

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