Wednesday, May 4, 2011

type 4: final objectives

Through the process of the second half of the semester I feel that over all my experiments have evolved in the way I think about them, and the way I could move forward with them as well. When I first started I concentrated on how many different materials I could use to make letterforms. I felt I of course started out a little ambitious thinking about processes I didn't even know how to do, but I did learn many different new ways of making things. Needle Felting has been something I've been wanting to do for quite sometime now, and I got the advantage of a friend teaching me how to do it. Also, knitting letters has been something I knew I could do, but never had experimented with. Which I really enjoyed doing because I get to make my own letterform, but making the grid first then just following that through. I feel since I didn't know these processes it helped me make formal decisions about the letterforms, and I feel in an interesting way as well. Using the materials I did use, it lended it self to an already experimental feel, also having the actual feeling, and textures and objects used within a graphic design was fun to see as well. 

Moving forward with this skill and knowledge I gained this semester I think it really helped me see how I could bring in more hand made processes than I do already. I've noticed in my actual graphic design projects I have here, if I have an option of experimenting with materials, I can never really get out of the vector flat graphics. I think in the future I definitely want to be more open with experimenting with objects, photography, and other great things, because I enjoy it, and why not do something you enjoy?

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