Monday, August 24, 2009

Response to Vis. Com. articles

After reading the two articles and comparing my view of design with them, I've come to the conclusion that I do agree with both of these authors and what they have to say. I felt they both thought that design is an integration process. It takes more than one specific idea, you have to have a lot of different ideas, then figure a way to use the best possible solutions for the problem. One point that Hiebert stated really stood out to me was that it may be difficult for a designer to go off and do a different medium such as fabric design, or ceramics. I was a bit shocked by this statement because it felt that it was saying that designers are limited to one specific element of design, when I feel that if you have a good concept for something and know the skill why wouldn't you be able to have a successful project? That question is open to me because I'm definitely going to be interested in finding out the answer by experimenting with different mediums and seeing if it is in fact more challenging.

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  1. I agree. As designers your skill set includes problem solving and communicating. That objective can find its way into any form in life and is certainly not limited to a traditional definition of design. However, I think the author might be getting at that designer's have a unique ability for type and imagery and certain form-making tools. Just as other professions have their own area of expertise.